Rosa Centifolia, King of Essential oils

Pierre Joseph Redoute's watercolor collection "Les Rose," 1824.
Since Frankincense is the King of Essential oils, Rose is the Queen of Essential Oils. Scientifically name Rosa Damascena (Bulgarian) and Rosa Centifolia (Moroccan), these flowers are the most used in Aromatherapy. This queen has played a major role in poetry, religion, art, and literature, music, medicine, fashion design, perfume, cuisine, and home decoration.
From the earliest of time, people from all over the world, have held the rose close to their hearts.  Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, was said to have created the rose from her tears and the blood of her lover, Adonis. In Greek Mythology, it was said that Cupid was stung by a bee, he accidentally shot arrows into a rose garden & that caused the roses to grow thorns. When Venus walked through the garden and pricked her foot on a thorn, it was the droplets of her blood which turned the roses red.
 Favourited by all walks of mankind, this aphrodisiac was used by Cleopatra as a seductive lure, tricking Marc Anthony from the roman empire. Perhaps one would probably be too smitten to realise the effects it has on a human body. It is then often associated with Love & Romance. Rose wreaths have also been discovered in age-old tombs. The incas used it as a cure-all remedy. It was even used as symbols during “The war of roses”. Red for Lancaster, White for York.
A mesmerizing and enchanting flower has a significant number of benefits aiding us all. Rose Essential Oil itself is a relaxant, it reduces stress and anxiety. It uplifts and boosts one’s mood, It is also a stimulant, it stimulates the brain by releasing endorphins, easing pain. Thus, making a great choice and addition to your collection for aromatherapy.