Long Live The Queen Bee

The awareness of sustainability and the importance of recycling go hand in hand, and the more you learn about how connected everything on this planet is, the more willing you are to come forward and address the vital circumstances the world is in. One person working to make the surrounding healthier has more impact than 100 people having opinions about the change. We at Roux believe that every action matters and contributes a part in the welfare of the surviving ecosystem. So we say NO to Beeswax.

What is beeswax? Beeswax is a natural wax produced by colonies or commonly known as honeybees. Beeswax holds the beehive together, and you can not extract honey without removing the beeswax. Beeswax is essential for hive's survival because it resists the possibility of colony collapse. Honey Bees gather nectar and pollen off the plants and flowers and fly around with pollen on the hair of their tiny bodies. The process has the effect of scattering pollen which enables the growth of all the plants they feed off, and this is why they are crucial to the earth's ecosystem.  

Due to the market demand and human exploitation,colonies are moved from their natural habitat to apiary; bee yard. Bees are fading away from the ecosystem because their food choice gets cut down to few, they do not get the proper nutrition, hence the immune system starts deteriorating day by day till they can no longer produce honey or fly out for food. Like humans, For instance, bees too require a balanced variety of nutrients to inhabit and when it does not happen, they die, and according to research, honey bees are at risk of mass extinction by a few years. 

There is no need to put bees' survival at risk when more sustainable and more eco-friendly options exist. Beeswax is the most famous wax, but there are alternatives in the market. Think about all the candles you get on Christmas? The restaurants that replace the candles for every new customer, where do you think it all goes? In 2019, Millions of unsold Christmas candles were thrown away, amounting two landfills. We are already dealing with scarce land,  deforestation; vanishing the wildlife, debris in the oceans threatening the marine ecosystem.

Over 27 million tons of plastic that goes straight to the landfill each year. We’re aware the planet can’t afford more landfills. Sustainability and recycling go hand in hand, and we must  to avoid a situation that is bound to entail considerable future risks. We should stop exploiting the planet and opt for pragmatic solutions like recycling the goods that already exist. Not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something. This is a harbinger of the vital change that is due.

Roux stands for local businesses and focuses on producing products with recycled goods. Our goal is to provide soothing scented products that heal the mind and appeal to eyes at a price that everyone can enjoy. The brand does not compromise in the quality, placing optimum effort to cause minimal to no damage to the environment. We feel that we are doing what we can to help the planet heal, and joining the world in doing our part by strictly avoiding any form of plastic in the candle haus from the start of production till our product reaches your door-step.